Artist Statement

Evelyn O’Connor’s practice is led by a fascination with the obsession to dress one thing up as another and transform the objects and materials of everyday life. She uses unorthodox materials, more importantly however; she uses materials that closely resemble traditional sculpture materials, in order to bring sculpture closer to everyday life. O’Connor uses this as a means to investigate the relationship between us and the objects and materials we surround ourselves with. Objects float between the formless and the recognizable forms of commercial items, all the time dealing with the potential of transformation.

These sculptural forms are essentially props for a space. They trace the pathways of so many objects that migrate off the body, lean up against it or touch it but also extend that body and therefore extending sculpture into the world. The dynamic between the literal and imaginative status of the objects is also achieved through her use of materials and colour. The colour of some of the objects O’ Connor uses to defamiliarize them, making them seem appropriate parts of the imagined scene.

The connections are as diverse as the forms. O’Connor does not just invent the forms but also invents the way they “sit” with each other. Sometimes the movement from one form to another seems narrative, as if there were a natural development or in some instances it can seem awkward. The artworks have a kind of physical humour and often seem to be on the verge of collapse, which lends itself to slapstick humour.